Fans, cosplayers, and even mall-goers joined in as Pinoy Otaku Festival opens its doors in Ayala Fairview Terraces on June 2 and 3.

Because of its free admission, everyone is welcome to join in the fun Naruto Cosplayers PH prepared for the anime fans– or as we know, otakus (it’s all in the name, isn’t it?)

The entrance of the convention area will make any attendee’s eyes sparkle with all the merch that will welcome them– from fandom shirts, to keychains, stickers, and even stuffed animals, they had it all. Artists, of course, also had their respective areas where they can sell their creations with their fellow fans. ACPH’s Artist Guild, Tali-papa Circle also made an attendance in the con, offering stickers and keychains to attendees.

They started the program right with a prayer. It’s always good to give back and offer good things like this to Him. Even NCPH’s David d Angelo says so as he told the crowd it is rare for cons to start with a prayer.

From then, we knew this would definitely be an awesome day.

After the opening rites, Kai, an international singer had a video message for their fans in the Philippines and thanked NCPH for picking their song for this year’s Pinoy Otaku Festival.

And now, it’s time to hear those cosplayers sing in the fist activity: Cosplay Sounds Familiar, in which contestants should be in character as they perform on stage.

Everyone, contestants and attendees enjoyed the performance: people were waving their hands during Nandemonaiya, while they chanted and sang during the well-known Blend S theme song (who wouldn’t, though?).







This was shortly followed by the auction’s first part, wherein cute and cuddly stuffed toys were up and are being sold in cheap prices. You can have a new buddy for as low as 10 pesos!


Another game show favorite has made its way to the activity stage as they gather cosplayers and attendees to join in Anime Feud, with related topics such as “usual protagonist hair color,” and “saddest anime death” which gained a lot of reactions as everyone remember their share of feels.

A performance from Melvin Carson happened on stage as well before proceeding to a panel talk about fandom media channels like Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Visual Novels. This was hosted by keepsakes’ Jay Agonoy. Joining him in the discussion were otakus and cosplayers Rikki Mae Cawalig, Hiro Tan, and Jon Aloe Santos. Together, they expressed their different opinions and views about the various channels otakus and fans use. They also shared their personal favorites. In the end, it’s all about everyone’s personal preferences in which medium they enjoy most.

Oo-kun and Chuchu invaded the stage next with their cuteness as Animax announced about their dance cover contest. Participants can follow the steps and mix it with their own dance steps. Amazing prizes await the winners. (Find out more here).

More performances took over the stage– this time with our ever-so-lively aidorus. Doing a Nico-Maki tandem were Andie and Yoshiko. They were followed by a former MNL48 Top 200 Ai, who had fun with her fans as she performed songs, in which Rennai Circulation was one of.

Aidoru Sozai was also there to give everyone a lovely performance despite being incomplete for the event.

The second day was free as well, which was also jam-packed with fun activities and performances.


Naruto Cosplayers PH hinted on taking the Pinoy Otaku Festival to another venue in their page. Attendees looks forward for the next event with these preparations.

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